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What a School Library can do for you

In 2018 SLAV released an infographic entitled What a School Library Can Do for You.

This was an engaging way of illustrating the various roles undertaken by school libraries and the ways they can support and enrich learning opportunities for their communities. The infographic is available as a free download, and it has also been printed as a poster and distributed to members. It is also used in a range of ways including as part of our membership benefits brochure.

The next step in the infographics journey has come into being.

We hope you find this resource useful. Feel free to share.

Create your own video based on our SLAV infographic using Canva

The wonderful team at Emmanuel College have created a video using the statements and images from our SLAV infographic - What a school library can do for you.

Emmanuel College have kindly shared this work with our community and you can access all you need to make your own video customised to your own school library.

Emmanuel College - What a school library can do for you

Video on display in the Library.

Getting Started

  1. Create a Canva Account. All educators get access to the premium content if you use a .edu email address. 
  2. Make a copy of the template. Portrait design coming soon.
  3. Add your school name.
  4. Add your school logo.
  5. Download or share the video.

Please note

The template has been designed so that the only information required is your school name or logo. We have given you all the building blocks you need to make your own video infographic.

That said, be creative, all the elements can be adjusted. You can change the timing and size of the elements or you can add or remove elements as needed. 

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